How To Finance A Mobile Phone Without Credit Card

These days’ mobile phones are more of a necessity than a luxury. Smartphones have become advanced. You have internet access and apps for doing anything on the phone. Many people in the UK who have a good credit history can finance a mobile phone easily with a credit card, but what if you have a bad credit history? Things can be a little difficult here. Purchasing a Smartphone without a credit card is not easy but it is not impossible either. You need to look for a company that offers phones on contract for bad credit and do not run a credit check.

Why do mobile companies run a credit check?

Credit checks are carried by phone companies to determine whether you can keep up with your payments or not. They want to see how reliable you are in paying your debts and managing the credit. If you have been paying bills on time then it shows that you will be able to pay your mobile phone bills on time as well. Hence it becomes easy to get the phone. However, if you have not paid bills on time then getting mobiles for bad credit is challenging. 

What options do you have to get a phone?

Published by Lisa Kent

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